It all started when...

Isn't it great when accidents lead to the best opportunities?

Our designers are an inspiration for our own client engagements -  they created options, communicated them clearly, measured twice and cut once, viewed problems in 3D, and left everything they touched better than they found it.  We strive to reflect that professionalism, creative problem-solving, and thorough engagement in everything we do. 
— Ann Oglanian, CEO of ReGroup

Our extraordinary opportunity to work with Magnus Oliv, the creative director of We Are Licious, started with an accidental meeting.  His creativity and business savvy inspired us to dig into an overdue redesign of our website.  Clear thinking, educational collaboration and creative (x 10). He made sure we learned, we laughed, and we noodled new ways of looking at how to show our work, create an engaging visitor experience, and communicate our expertise. Thank you, Magnus.

Our second happy accident was Maia Hariton, whose design chops and development expertise are equaled by her lightening speed, sound judgement, and utterly charming style.  First, Maia listened.  Then she brought thoughtful and cohesive design to our technical and complex business.  Thank you, Maia.

Jonathan Michael James illustrated our icons with imagination, creativity, and modesty.  His bespoke work reflects our own.  He worked with us until we got it right. Thank you, Jonathan.