RECOMMENDED: Credibility - How to Get It and How to Keep It

Credibility is like currency - you spend it, earn more, and can lose it all.

Credibility is one of our 5 C's for C-level professionalism, along with Communication, Curiosity, Courage and Common Sense.

While you likely never took a class on credibility (unless you've taken ours!), you may sometimes sense that you're overstepping your credibility, or that you have less than you need to get your job done.   

Our favorite book on the subject is The Personal Credibility Factor by Sandy Allgeier.  If you're someone who spends more time assessing other people's credibility than working on your own, of if you're puzzled about why the person in the office next to you seems to have more than they need. this might be the book for you. 

We reach for this book when a coaching client shoots themselves in the foot, and needs some fast thinking about how to shore up the seven steps that influence credibility: 

  1. Know Your Stuff
  2. Keep Commitments
  3. Honor Confidences and Avoid Gossip
  4. Know Yourself - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
  5. Choose to Value Others - the Good, and Yes, Event the Bad and the Ugly!
  6. Ask More and Listen Most
  7. Create Credible Interactions

This is a short, resonating read.  Let us know what you think.