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We Are Strategists Who Manage Complexity.






Find and communicate a clear direction for your business


Get a clear picture of where you're going.

Together, we'll help you recognize business opportunities while taking educated risk.

The challenge: Even the best ideas don't matter if you can't make them work

Many companies spin their wheels in strategic planning mode. They'll spend countless hours and resources inventing and revising a vague or complex strategy that never gets put into action.

Lack of clear direction creates insecurity about where the organization is headed. Without clear boundaries, employees will play it safe because they can't be sure their decisions are in alignment.

Business opportunities are missed.  Productivity suffers.  Team talent is wasted.

Solution: Blueprint for Success

ReGroup works with you to create a working document that identifies your key goals and priorities, demonstrates how to achieve them,  and speaks in practical terms that resonate with every department in your firm. 

We'll also help make sure the plan sticks.

How? We train your employees to use your Blueprint to track company progress, adjust course as needed, and to hold themselves and others accountable. Project management skill increases, and the value is lasting.  

When each employee better understands how their individual choices drive business goals, they can confidently make better decisions that support profitability.

Benefits of working with ReGroup


  • Recognize new business opportunities based on your business realities and company culture
  • Provide a document (your "blueprint") that outlines a clear plan of execution
  • Oversee implementation
  • Conduct team training sessions
  • Incorporate risk assessment into the strategic planning process
  • Consider important industry trends


  • More effectively serve your clients
  • Move from reactive mode to a more proactive mindset
  • Continue to build your reputation in the industry
  • Take advantage of business opportunities
  • Avoid unnecessary risk
  • Build team confidence
  • Make your planning processes more engaging and more successful


Use your company culture as a powerful change management tool


Change (even the good kind) can distract your firm.

We'll work with you to capture the upside and manage the downside of change. 

The Challenge: Failing to manage change leaves Both opportunity and risk on the table

For companies without a solid organizational framework in place, change can be particularly stressful.

In the end, too many firms fail to ask the right questions or they neglect critical issues as conditions evolve. If your firm falls into this category, you could be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and missing important opportunities.

Solution: Get ahead of the change with a thoughtful plan and clear messaging

Responding strategically to change means staying open to new opportunities while preserving your goals and values.

To achieve this balance, you need the right people, departments, and vendors in all the right places. And you need to support them with tools that help them do their jobs well.

It's all about teaching your leadership team to create consistent expectations in their own domain with regard to culture, decision-making, organizational structure, and people. Here are a few typical questions we work through with our clients:

  • Culture – What's the best way to preserve core values and ethics in your new environment? How will you decide what's working and where to make adjustments?
  • Decision-making – Does your current internal documentation satisfy regulators and ensure accountability? How could you help your team make decisions more effectively?
  • Organizational structure – Might reassigning personnel or restructuring departments better serve your company?
  • People – How can you help your professionals become better leaders? How will you attract and retain talent? Does your team have a clear picture of how their jobs relate to overall company goals?

We'll quickly assess which of these areas need your attention. Then we'll help you navigate the change at the best speed for your firm.

Benefits of Working with ReGroup


  • Address issues of culture and productivity from an unbiased perspective
  • Create an organization-wide plan for achieving operational excellence
  • Implement governance procedures so decision-making never becomes a liability
  • Recognize critical structural and staffing needs


  • Link authority to responsibility
  • Clarify areas of accountability
  • Harness natural conflict into a productive, creative force
  • Help your team confidently and consistently perform at a higher level
  • Capture more opportunities for growth


Steer your firm with a risk-responsive, confident approach


Executive Management

Trade Desk Oversight


Risk and Compliance

Projects and Initiatives


Make better decisions and be risk aware with good corporate governance.

Does your corporate governance facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of your firm?  

  • Reinforce the right tone from the top down

  • Drive accountability and transparency from within

  • Respond efficiently, effectively, and equitably

  • Demand quality reporting and critical analysis

  • Make better decisions

Corporate governance is of paramount importance to investment advisers, and is almost as important as its primary business plan. Good governance can drive the direction of a firm's business strategy, ensure corporate culture, increase accountability, and help to avoid disasters before they occur.

A well-executed corporate governance system should be able to identify and eliminate problems, while taking into account multiple stakeholders - clients, employees, vendors, and regulators.

Governance can prevent corporate scandals, fraud and the civil and criminal liability of your firm. Good governance facilitates corporate culture because it supports the shared philosophy, practices and culture of an organization and its employees. It also enhances a company's image in the public eye as a self-policing company that is responsible and worthy of client capital.

Corporate governance also creates transparency.  If shared values break down, then corners can be cut in a way that may cause a failure.  Good governance creates an opportunity for a multi-disciplinary review and perspective by people who are removed from the immediate pressures.  

In the investment industry, corporate governance should also be 'risk-aware' - informed by the complex system of regulation that underpins fiduciary duty - and designed to see failure coming in order to avoid a hit to reputation and losses associated with disappointed clients.

the Challenge: effectively serve the needs of the whole while balancing competing interests

Solution: participation and process

Governance, applied thoughtfully, engenders the participation of the right people and the right time, and tasks them with making a clearly defined set of decisions, using good data.  Expertise, critical perspectives, and a well-run process helps you dig deeply and align your strategy against your reality.  We will work with you to design and manage good governance for:

  • Executive Management

  • Trade Desk Oversight

  • Valuation

  • Risk and Compliance

  • Projects and Initiatives

benefits of working with REGroup


  • Conduct an objective review of your current decision-making processes
  • Create a firm-wide plan for prioritizing and addressing key matters where good governance is critical
  • Recognize opportunities for engagement and committee-led initiatives
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities so important matters are addressed consistently, efficiently, and effectively
  • Implement governance procedures so participates have clarity


  • Operate with a clear, coordinated system
  • Help staff drive your firm's strategy
  • Improve communication to the right people at the right time


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