Team Building + Problem Solving: ReGroup Skunkworks!


"ReGroupWorks" (based on the renowned Skunkworks model) offers a staged problem-solving process, a set of non-negotiables, and competition among skip-level teams to harness high-potential talent and generate solutions with short-term results and long-term impact.

Sometimes you need to bypass typical internal bureaucracy and organizational hierarchy for the sake of innovative and interdisciplinary problem solving.


An $85B private equity firm had recently transitioned from an organic to an acquisitions-based growth model that increased the need for effective, internal problem solving for both intransigent and immediate issues. The Operations and IT Department wished to position itself as the first responder for critical internal issue resolution. However, the department’s senior management team was already over-allocated and the firm was nearing the final year-end quarter. The department head requested ReGroup’s help developing a method that would allow the firm to gain traction and deliver results before year-end without overburdening existing resources.


1. We help you identify your high-potential employees at every level, and then invite these lucky few to participate in a three-day offsite.

2. We organize skip-level teams, establish some strict ground rules, and encourage friendly competition.

3. Teams pitch their solutions to a panel of judges for vetting and feedback, and the winning teams present their proposals to senior management.

4. From the invitation to the presentation, we assist you with messaging designed to...


Jumpstart innovative and interdisciplinary problem solving in a short period.

Inspire cross-function team building and professional development by leveraging and rewarding internal talent for their collaborative contributions

The expected year-end results generated during the offsite informed and supported the department’s annual budget request. In addition to setting itself up for year-end success, the department has now internalized a repeatable process for solving complex problems that does not rely on continued outside consultant support and will allow the department to pivot into a more sophisticated service provider role wherein staff can solve increasingly larger, more complex, and more interesting challenges for the firm.

The best part of this experience was being able to come together at the end to share the fruits of our labor with a panel of judges. Their evaluation was extremely insightful, honest, and constructive.
— Participant

I really enjoyed seeing the quality of ideas the teams were able to generate in such a short period of time. This is clearly a group that really cares about what they do and it showed. It’s good to see that intelligent minds truly can see the same thing differently.
— Panel Judge