Transition Strategy and Coaching



On the shoulders of excellent performance, a $2B hedge fund with outstanding long-term performance was positioned to experience a growth in AUM that could not be supported by existing operational capabilities.

Simultaneously, the firm was undergoing a succession transition of the President and General Counsel, and was insourcing compliance. Stressed people and processes were causing risky breaks in client service. The combination of inefficient processes, changing people, and a stressed corporate culture prevented the firm from taking advantage of sales opportunities.


During onsite interviews and observation, ReGroup assessed the culture, capacity, people and processes in order to determine the cause of the client service breaks. ReGroup engaged all team members, listened to concerns and ideas, and identified specific capacity constraints. In concert with the firm's principals, we designed a blueprint that guided the transition over a period of 18 months, including technology advances, shifting job responsibilities, and increased communication from management on goals and expectations. Throughout the transition period, ReGroup provided the CEO, President, Head of Client Service, and Chief Compliance Officer with leadership and management coaching.


With the clarity of job function, measurable goals and increased transparency, the firm's reorganized back office excelled. The management team regained its confidence and made a robust investment in sales. The new management team continued to support the changes with communication that helped employees anticipate and implement the support needed for new clients, and the firm was on competitive footing.

We worked with ReGroup to help our firm successfully navigate multiple management changes. They exceeded my expectations - the hands-on nature of the services they provided, their ability to identify with our employees, and the level of insight they provided were exemplary.
— James T., President and General Counsel