THINGS WE LOVE: The Genius Deck


At ReGroup, we're all about ways to get unstuck.  

genius deck

Unsticking operations, unsticking people, unsticking conflicts of interest.  The Genius Deck is one genius way to help you get unstuck.  

It's simple, compelling, and takes one minute.  

In the first 15 seconds, go to the and click FLIP CARD. You'll see a single, short instruction or question

Then, for the next 45 seconds, stop everything else you're doing, and focus on the instruction from just one card.  One instruction or question.  45 seconds.   

Sometimes, nothing.  

But sometimes, amazing!


A big HIGH FIVE to the Genius Deck creator, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, an Art Director at Primacy, a full-service design agency and a 2016 TED Resident who recently founded The Leading Strand to bring the disparate worlds of design and science together to serve the greater good by translating important research through visual experiences.




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