Increasing Efficiency with Talent and Technology



A large, registered investment adviser wished to restructure its product information team to increase operational efficiency.

The product team was responsible for completing prospect RFPs, updating and maintaining consultant and industry databases, answering clients’ due diligence questionnaires, and providing information relevant to the firm’s marketing efforts.


First, we conducted a talent and infrastructure assessment of the product information team. Specifically, we interviewed product, sales, and investment team employees to asses strengths, weaknesses, and interdepartmental needs; and reviewed past and projected workflow.

We presented our findings and recommendations to the client for review and approval. Then we helped the firm:

  1. restructure its product information team,
  2. research, purchase, and implement a RFP-automating software solution, and
  3. establish tools and processes to increase efficiency and accountability across the team.


Operational efficiency allowed the firm’s product information team to function as a value-adding resource rather than a risk to the firm’s business. Restructuring and cross-training corrected the over-reliance on specific team resources while also ensuring the even dispersion of product knowledge. Repeatable process automation and workflow tools reduced the potential for human error and redistributed time and resources toward more substantive work.