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Large Adviser Reorganizes Legal & Compliance Department

"Our firm's growth was faster than we anticipated, and our legal and compliance services didn't keep up. When we also needed to support changes in key professionals and expansion into Asia, we knew it was time to rethink our structure and resources in a smarter way to support the firm. ReGroup's industry knowledge and actual experience in the job was immediately credible. The process was efficient, smart, and thorough. Our results are happier internal clients, a lower-stress environment, and a more nimble ability to serve the firm's needs while managing costs."

Tim P., General Counsel

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Investment Adviser Makes the Most of a Mock SEC Exam

"Having worked with Ann Oglanian in the past, I expected nothing less than the high level of professionalism and work quality we received. ReGroup made the mock SEC audit real for us. It was a great learning experience and the feedback we received was incredibly valuable as it was sensitive to our firm’s unique situation and perceived risks."

Doug P., Chief Compliance Officer

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